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The World's Strongest Man TV show has run for 40 years...

Now is your chance to see these man mountains LIVE and battling it out for places at the WSM Finals. 

Since 1977 “Giants Live” is the World Wide arena based Grand Prix Series that is the World Strongest Man Tour that also has its own major titles on offer too:

Europe's Strongest Man

Scandanavia's Strongest Man

North America's Strongest Man

PLUS at each Grand Prix up to twelve of the biggest and best strongmen battle over six eye wateringly heavy events. All filmed but set top for a live audience - which hit a world record for strength shows of any variety in 2016 with the First Direct Arena packing in 10,000 fans to witness  a bounds-of-human ability changing moment. Eddie Hall  did the supposedly impossible feat of deadlifting a half tonne on a normal weightlifting bar. Sounds simple - but the toll on his body made him collapse and black out for a few moments before receiving a standing ovation which lasted for a long time..... The Beast and Giants Live reached anew high that day and we look forward to entertain crowds around the World in a similar fashion as well as achieving a fair contest that truly unearths the strongest man in the world. 

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