The strongest men in the world are preparing to storm Manchester Arena on Saturday 30 September for the one-off Giants Live: The Official World's Strongest Man Tour FinalsTickets for the greatest one-day strength-contest ever are on sale now!

  • Sat 30 September
  • features the World Deadlift Championships 
  • Features the Word-top-10 including:
  • Eddie 'The Beast' Hall 


The one-day event has been begged for by fans and athletes alike and has been dubbed 'World's Strongest Man-in-a-Day'. It not only features the top 10 strongmen in the world but also the legendary World Deadlift Championships.


Come and watch your favourite Giants battle over some famous tests of Strength. Each trial will push the men to the limit. On their quest to both break World Records and must lift, move and even throw kegs, cars, giant logs and the legendary Atlas Stones.

Sites to Purchase Show Tickets

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Manchester Arena Ticket Agent:Manchester Arena
Please note, All VVIP / VIP tickets are now sold out. 

Timings of the show

5:00pm Show starts, Doors Open by 4pm for normal ticket holders

The contest goes on for a varying amount of time.  Therefore, we cant say exactly. A fair guesstimate would be 3.5 to 4 hours including the Podium/ Opening Ceremony 

‘Meet and Greet'  after the show for VVIP / VIP

VVIPs free bar and Talk from 3:30. Talk done by with the Greats: 

Bill Kazmaier, 3 x WSM

Magnus ver Magnusson, 4 x WSM

Current Athlete List

Eddie ‘The Beast' Hall.GBR
Zydrunas ‘Big Z' SavickasLTU
Vytoutas Lalas.LTU
Terry HollandsGBR
Jerry PritchettUSA
Laurence ShahlaeiGBR
Benni Magnusson (Deadlift Only)ISL
J.F. CaronCAN
Misha ShevlyakovRUS
Robert OberstUSA
Konstantine JanashiaGEO
Graham HicksGBR

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