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  • Exclusive partnership between Giants Live and IMG MEDIA  - whereby the strongest men from around the globe must compete in a Giants Live to gain qualification through to the WSM Finals. 
  • Three qualifying slots for the World's Strongest Man Finals come from each Giants Live
  • Top athletes on the  Giants Live World Tour include: the near 7 foot Game of Thrones actor and strength star Hafthor Julius Bjornsson - aka The Mountain aka Sir Gregor Clegane aka the 2 x 'Europe's Strongest Man'
  •  5  Major titles are fought for around the World with six different trials of strength at each contest.
  • 10 to 12 National or international Champion Strongmen fight it out in a one-day, 2.5 hour contest of Arena packing proportions.
  • Giants Live was made to be the 'live / audience friendly' version of the  World's Strongest Man the TV Series that has been on TV Worldwide since 1977 - 40 years old and the show is getting bigger and stronger each year.
  • Disciplines are likely to include some of the following:
  •  The iconic Truck Pull
  •   Conan's Circle
  •  The Crucifix Hold
  •  Giants Log Lift
  •  Circus Dumbell
  •  Motor Bike Carry (Superyoke)
  •  The Pillars of Hercules, 
  •  Tyre Flip, 
  •  The famous 'Atlas Stones' 
  •  Car Deadlifting 
  •  The Hammer Hold, 
  •  Keg Tossing for maximum height, 
  •  Train Axle Press

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